Holy Week and Easter Resource Round-up

Are you trying to figure out Holy Week and Easter at home during this time of self-quarantine? Are your kids asking “will there still be an egg hunt?” and “will I get to wear an Easter dress?” and “will we still get Easter baskets?”

Mine too.

I feel overwhelmed and sad, but also ready for this challenging of bringing as much of the life of the church and the grace of this holy season into my home as I possibly can. I’m so grateful for all the talented women who have put their heads together to create some amazing resources to help us through this unprecedented time. In no particular order, here is a resource round-up for you:

Holy Week Resource Roundup:

Catholic Family Crate has put together a true masterpiece in their Holy Week At Home Success Kit. I had the pleasure of interviewing CFC founder Elissa this week and it was incredible to hear the story of all the artists, theologians and creatives who collaborated to put this resource together. Especially if you have young children you’ll love the coloring pages and handwriting sheets included in this free kit! Download it here.

Kendra Tierney, author of book The Catholic All Year Compendium: Liturgical Living for Real Life, has put together some beautiful printable prayer booklets, coloring pages, and guides for celebrating Holy Week at home. I highly recommend her Easter Sunday at Home Dry Mass booklet. It’s worth it just for the Medieval gorgeous art on every page – but the content is outstanding as well.

Elizabeth Foss and I had the pleasure of interviewing Kendra Tierney on our Zoom chat for mom’s today – it was such a great discussion! Kendra shared practical and simple ideas for families to commemorate every day of Holy Week. You can watch/listen to the recording here

Holy Week At Home free devotional printable by Erica Tighe Campbell of Be A Heart. This is a beautifully designed resource that is perfect especially if you have older children (thinking teenagers and college students). It was designed with them in mind in many ways, but can be used and enjoyed by all.

Katherine Bogner of the blog Look to Him and Be Radiant has put together some excellent resources including a Holy Week printable journal (in English and Spanish!) and a resource list for the daily readings and where you can watch Mass. You can find everything Katherine has compiled for Holy Week right here.

Victoria Wyant has created some gorgeous printables and morning time menus for Holy Week in her shop AmpersandETC. You can find her work (much of it for free!) here.

Easter Eggs

This year we are not dying real eggs due to local shortage and skyrocketing prices. At first this was a huge disappointment to my kids because dying eggs has been our Holy Saturday tradition every year. But! I’m actually super excited for a new tradition. I’m copying my talented friend Claire Dodge (find her on IG @littlelightfamily) and I ordered wooden eggs from Amazon for my kids to paint. Claire buys raw wood eggs and stains them with wood stain before decorating. I skipped that step because I’m less brave and I bought several sets of these eggs so that each of my kids has their own pile to decorate.

Also at Claire’s suggestion I ordered these beautiful icon egg wrappers from Amazon. I got the icons and these Ukranian beauties. I’m so excited to try them with my kids! (Also major win – they seem to still be shipping with 2-day Prime!)

Easter Baskets

While this is usually the week I’m at Hobby Lobby and Dollar Tree and maybe a quick stop at Target to pick up Easter treats for my kids, this year it’s alllll online shopping and figuring out who and where can still deliver on time.

Michael’s Crafts and a few other stores are doing pre-order and curbside pickup. Definitely worth checking out for craft supplies or little Easter treats!

If you like to give your kids toys in their Easter baskets, may I suggest something from my blog post on best-loved kids toys. These toys really stand the test of time and keep children occupied for hours. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

And if you like to include books in their Easter baskets (that’s what I like to put in my kids’ baskets!) I have a blog post on our favorite read-aloud books and our favorite chapter books that have Amazon links included – most of them are still shipping two-day and will arrive before Easter!

Lastly, Amazon’s book sale has ended but the resources I listed in my best Amazon books post are all books worth their full price and then some. Many of them are the books going in my kids’ baskets this year!

A few other Easter favorites at our house: 

Resurrection Eggs we’ve been doing these since my oldest was 18 months! I only pull them out during Holy Week.

Shining Light Dolls. So fun to stick one in an Easter basket!

And you know me and my books addiction – I can’t help but recommend a few favorites for your Easter week book baskets:

Lastly I wanted to mention one of my favorite publishers of Catholic children’s books and catechisms: St. Augustine Academy Press. One year I included the Wonder Years book collectionin my kids’ Easter baskets and they’ve become treasured family favorites. However you can’t go wrong with anything on their site – it’s all fabulous!


Praying for you!! 

As we enter into the holiest week of the year during this extra difficult time, please know I’m praying for each of you mamas to have strength, clarity, and courage as you seek to fill your homes with the light of Christ. Big hugs to each of you! And please pray for me too.

Love, Steph


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